Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wir Sind Nicht Europa

We are not Europe. We are the United States of America. Learn it. Understand it. Love it. Because it is the greatest privilege that any person of any economic level can be granted. It bestows on you the God given rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". It protects you as a plank owner in this marvelous country, from birth, protected by the brilliance of the Constitution, and more specifically, the Bill of Rights.

There are those that would dilute, or even eradicate, that which God has given you. They go under many names. Liberal, progressive, globalist, atheist, jihadist just to name a few. They look down on you. They are convinced they are smarter than you. They are not. They think they are more sophisticated than you. They are not. They think you are knuckle dragging dolts. You are not.

They think that you have too much freedom to make your own decisions, spend your own money, and try to get ahead. Americans are given an equal opportunity. That is all most Americans want. Keep the government out of the way and let us chase our dream. But that leads to unequal results because some are smarter or work harder or just have a better idea. Those that think themselves our betters think there should be equality of results. Not for them, just for the rest of us.

Europe has open borders now due to the European Union. Those that would rule us think that we should have open borders too. Have you been to London or Paris lately? We do not want our country on that path. So open borders in the United States is primarily an open door policy for anyone in South America, Central America, or Mexico to just waltz right on in. Our liberal friends have laid out a big welcome mat. So the door is open to drug dealers, gang bangers, the helpless and hopeless, and inevitably the jihadist terrorists.

These great intellects preach a moral equivalency and a disdain for the religions, Christianity and Judaism, that made this country great. For some reason they don't seem to have the same problem with Islam. Are they so arrogant that they believe that, through submission, they can modernize Islam. More the fools they. 

Tax heavily, regulate heavily, control public discourse. Nationalize all that you touch. Make dependency on the government the way of life. Bring a life of cradle to grave mediocrity. The proletariat cannot think for themselves. They must be herded like cattle. Then we will be Europe. 

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