Monday, May 11, 2015


Back in my youth, in school and church, I was told to be tolerant. Tolerance for the foibles and misadventures of others is a wonderful thing. "It is the Christian thing to do." Back in those days, one could say things like that. Personal confession - I have a low limit on tolerance. I don't sweat the little things but it really doesn't take a lot to irk me. 

Here are a few things that I am intolerant of. I am intolerant of thugs. And no, that is not a code word. I am talking about people of any and all skin types that look for offense to have an excuse to run wild, burn, and pillage. I am intolerant of those that refer to them as children to give them an excuse.

I am intolerant of those who vilify the police when they use force to protect their communities against those who do burn and pillage. I am intolerant of self-serving politicians who use their positions of power to target groups like the police when these self same politicians are in a position to weed out the bad ones quietly so as to keep the public's respect for those required to police them.

I am intolerant of those in politics and the press who give a pass to an ex president who has lied and cheated. One who equivocates with every word he speaks. And those that also give a pass to an ex Secretary of State who has publicly broken the law, lied, and covered up both actions and inactions during her time in office.

I am intolerant of those who hold a football quarterback to a higher standard than the aforementioned politicians. I am intolerant of those who call a few printed pages a report when it reports no facts. To say something "probably" happened is not fact. It is innuendo and is of no value except in the supermarket tabloids.

And I am intolerant of those who would ignore our Constitution because they feel insecure or unsafe. That very same document has kept us safe for over two centuries. It is the weak kneed politicians who won't put America first that endanger us. Never let them, even for one second, take away any God given right. Allow it once and we will lose them forever.

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