Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Am Frustrated

I have been writing this blog just over three years now, and I have never felt so frustrated. I started my blog because I, like so many others, am unhappy about the road our country is traveling and the direction we are going. In the vernacular, everything seems to be going south and downhill. 

I read and watch a lot of news. I check out conservative sources to keep up with conservative thought. There are many thoughtful conservative writers that I respect. I want to hear what they have to say. When I don't agree with someone in the conservative ranks, I want to be prepared to oppose them.

Likewise, I try to sample liberal news sources even though some of their ideas make my hair hurt and my toes curl. I even watch the mini-debates on Fox News where they toss a question to both a liberal and a conservative and let them duke it out. It generally turns into a shouting match with each trying to shout over the other. Not really productive.

I read this morning where Baltimore has had the worst month of violence in fifteen years. Over the Memorial Day weekend 28 were shot and 9 died. In Chicago they had 12 dead and 43 wounded in the same weekend. In Melbourne, Florida a mob attacked a police officer trying to make an arrest. Florida Democrat Representative Alan Grayson tweeted "F--- the police". A New Orleans housing officer was assassinated while sitting in his cruiser. A Georgia student is on a campaign to "kill all whites".

We are increasing our level of insanity at an increasing rate. Why? OK, I am going to be very predictable here. Yes, I'm going to blame liberals. Liberals in general, with the over-the-top assistance of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, preach a sermon of victimhood and pay for it with other peoples money. We have an administration, led by the President and the ex Attorney General, that frames everything through the lens of racism. And we have a press that puts these stories front page above the fold.

So yes I'm frustrated. We are cursed with a government that has gone beyond activism well into agitation. And I do not believe it is accidental. What ever their endgame is, it will not be pretty. I know that I am a wee small voice in the wilderness. But there are others like me. Many with much louder voices. Can we prevail? I hope so. I am sure that we have the support of most of the people who live in "flyover country". But with a despotic President who rules by fiat and a Congress willing to cede their responsibility and allow him to do it, we have serious, maybe insurmountable, problems. 

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  1. I hear you, well, I sympathize after reading your post.

    Heads up. In the end we win. America may not exist at that time, but the principles we stand for will one day be universally held.

    Why do I tell you this?

    1. Because American conservatism, for all its faults, is the best set of ideas around at the moment, and people of other cultures eventually adopt what is better or they remain stagnant and impoverished.
    2. It says so in the book of Revelations. :D