Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Enemy Within

The United States is now fighting a war on three fronts. I say this as our President will deny that we are fighting any war at all. I could be mistaken, but in my mind, if a group picks up weapons with the intent of harming, or even destroying our society, they are waging war.

Most certainly the jihadist in the Middle East are waging war on us and any who would ally themselves with us. Both ISIS and Iran would destroy us completely if they had the means. The only reason that they are not at open war with each other is that both hate us more.

But our President pretends one will be an ally if we can complete negotiations, as he refuses to fully engage the other. Ultimately, Iran will get a nuclear bomb and long range missiles to mount them on. By that time Obama won't care. He will be ensconced somewhere where he will be untouchable. Meanwhile, Iran will endeavor to remake themselves  in the mold of the old USSR and take control of all Muslim lands and finally Israel.

On a second front we have the fifth column jihadists within our own borders. They are here both as ISIS and al Qaeda. One or two of them periodically pop their heads out of their rat holes and cause some mayhem. This will continue and probably get worse as they gain in numbers and daring.

There is a stream of foreign fighters coming across our southern border daily. It is a stream that should be dammed. Our politicians seem willing to sacrifice us rather than protect us. They sit fat, dumb, happy, and well protected in their Washington area enclaves. The rest of us sit out here exposed, not having a clue as to when the next incident may show up at our doorstep.

We have one other war going on. That is the war against those that would disarm honest law abiding citizens as they attempt to destroy the police. They know that they cannot get rid of police. That would not be tolerated. So they try to defang them. This battle is being waged on two fronts. Publicly berate the police in any questionable situation. Bring them up on charges where possible.  Turn them into enemies of part of the population.

The next step would be to nationalize the police. That is a plan that I have never heard even suggested in my life, until now. And it is a terrible idea. That would put all the military, all the federal cops under DHS, and all local police forces under control of the President. Who then would be left to protect us. Think of it. Every person allowed to carry a gun under the power of the law under the control of one man. Think about it.

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