Friday, May 15, 2015

Do You Know Bridget?

About once a day, every day, I get a call from Bridget. I don't know her. I don't want her to call. Sometimes she calls at very inconvenient moments. I never talk to her. I just hang up. But she persists. 

I had put our telephone numbers on the "don't call register" in the past. But lately we have been getting calls. Insurance companies, credit card companies, hang ups, and the ever persistent Bridget. Maybe the "don't call register" has a statute of limitations. So I just reregistered. 

I have been told that many of these phone calls are scams. I cannot believe that people actually answer them and say things that can and will be used against them. As a matter of fact, I find it hard to believe these scams generate enough income to make them worthwhile to set up. I thought people were more skeptical today.

But here is the thing. I will bet that every American with a phone or five (in other words, every American) has been the victim of these calls. If not by being scammed, by being annoyed. So here we sit with a nanny government, that wants to control what we eat. Control how we pray. Take our money and spend it for us on thing we wouldn't spend it on, given the choice. And they cannot do anything about this?

Hey, the NSA has been listening to all these phone calls. They must know who is doing this. We have agencies that are willing to regulate everything up to and including that rain puddle in the gutter in front of your home. Why can't they regulate these fools out of existence. Lately it seems the government does more to us than for us. Just once, may they could help.

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