Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty-One

A few days ago, there was a terrible train accident. Eight died and many more were badly injured. The investigation into the cause is just starting but NTSB announced, almost immediately, that speed was the primary factor. In spite of all this, the liberal establishment is clamoring for more money to spend. When will they get it, that spending other peoples money is not the cure for all ills?

I just read an article in one of the major newspapers. "Can Baltimore be Saved?" The article bemoaned the city's fate, compared it to the past, but offered no solutions. The cure, of course, is not with the city. It is with the people who live there, as it is with all inner cities. Don't listen to people, like Al Sharpton, who preach victimhood. Lose the fallacy of "keepin it real".
And a ton of other little things that show pride and desire and a knowledge that the short cuts don't work. If you take your city back, then you will have pride of ownership.

OK, I admit I got a chuckle out of the great Romney Mayweather bout. It was a few minutes of fun political theater. If Romney had done some stuff like this during his campaign, he might have been President. Which makes me wonder, why now? Romney/Fiorina in 2016?

If Goodell insists on hearing the case against Tom Brady himself, Brady should sue the NFL. He is being punished on suspicion just to make a point, and Goodell is at the center of it all. This absolutely needs an independent hearing officer and it should be a retired judge.

It is obvious that the minions of the Obama administration have read the Freedom of Information Act. Not to insure compliance but to figure the best routes for evasion. I doubt that we will see much more on the IRS or Benghazi as long as the Obamas reside in the White House. But after that, depends. If a conservative is our next President, you can depend on getting the material. If Hillary is President, you will need Depends.

So Tsarnaev is scheduled to die. That's OK. He deserves it. Under other circumstances I would be all for an ignominious life in prison. But this was actually a no win situation. Kill him and he becomes an Islamic martyr. Leave him in prison and he would be a hero among the Muslim population. So let him die and be done with it.

By the way, did you see where those brave warriors  of ISIS, when faced by real soldiers, hid behind women and children. Yessir, they must be real men. Why don't they just hide in the cellars and let the women and children do all their fighting for them? And these creeps want to rule the world.

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