Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who Defines Freedom?

Some day when you have nothing better to do, (for most, that is every day) read the Bill of Rights. For those that have attended public school in the last thirty years, that is the first ten amendments to the Constitution. It is the Constitution that extends these God given rights to you. The Bill of Rights defines them so there will be no misunderstanding. That "no misunderstanding" thing has not worked real well.

Those brilliant men who framed our Constitution placed the first ten amendments in order of importance with individual rights being the most important.The first defines intellectual freedom. Freedom of speech, religion, and freedom of the press.

We can say what we want where ever we wish. Please not the "shouting fire" exception. You know what I mean. The press is free to dig out stories where ever they find them and print what they find without fear. People can proclaim and practice their faith without interference.

That is the way it was intended to be and the way it used to be. Today, traditional American freedoms are under threat. The most dangerous threat ever. There are people out there that hate your freedoms and want to completely redefine them.

I speak not of Islamic jihadists. This is a group far more insidious and clever. They look like us. They dress like us. They act like us. They just don't think like us. The are called liberals.

We have seen Obama's attacks on Fox News and Holder's attacks on reporters that dig too deep. We have seen the IRS attacks on conservative groups. But a new group has surfaced from their slimy lair. It is called "The Military Religious Freedom Foundation". It should be called The Military Freedom From Religion Foundation.

I recall a saying from WWII. "There are no atheists in a foxhole." These overbearing fools must have never seen a foxhole or any hard duty. It seems that Major General Craig Olsen spoke at a National Day of Prayer meeting. He spoke as a Christian about his beliefs. What one would expect at a National Day of Prayer meeting.

Along comes ex-air force officer Mikey Weinstein with his hard left organization insisting that Major General Olsen be court martialed. Mr. Weinstein is an angry man. His career at the Air Force Academy was difficult. But he is using the law degree he received complements of the Air Force to attack at any perceived slight.

Are there people in the military who proselytize inappropriately? Probably. But might not it be better to challenge these occasions surgically rather than massively. Almost certainly. 

Liberals love their own freedoms. They just hate the freedoms of those they disagree with. You see a liberal is never wrong and the ends always justify the means. If you think this is wrong, just ask them.   

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