Monday, May 4, 2015

Hypocrisy Lives

Hypocrisy lives. And it lives in Washington DC. We have become a country of gutless wonders where no action is deemed necessary without political motivation.

On one hand, we have a traitor who goes AWOL. He leaves his assigned post and goes off to seek the enemy. Not to fight them. But to join forces with them. Our leaders pretend not to know he is a traitor and send brave men out to recover him. Some of them are killed. Then, in spite of the fact that our country doesn't negotiate with terrorists, we do. We release five jihadist murderers to recover one traitor.  Cut to terrorists father standing with our President in the Rose Garden, speaking Arabic into the microphone.

We were told by our President that Yemen is an example of the power of American quiet diplomacy. A major success story for the Obama legacy. It was that until suddenly it wasn't. Yemen turned into a major mishagas. Houthi rebels have taken over the country and are fighting others for predominance.

Meanwhile hundreds of foreigners have been trapped by the fighting. They have been running out of food and their lives were in danger. But there were people courageous enough to go to their rescue. Yes, China and India were "Johnny-on-the-spot" when lives were threatened. Hundreds were successfully rescued including some Americans. 

But it seems that there are about three hundred Americans left in Yemen. But with America being the "land of the free and the brave" that should be no problem. Right? Wrong! It seems that the timid souls in the State Department have deigned it too dangerous to commit to a rescue. So sorry but three hundred American civilians are just going to have to stick it out. Possibly to be sacrificed in the name of jihad. What can you expect from people willing to serve up nuclear weapons to Iran on silver platter. 

As a country, we are no longer feared or respected. We have abandoned our friends and suck up to those that hate us. Mr Obama, there stands your international legacy.

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