Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Random Thoughts - Sixty

Our "post racial" President seems to have things pretty riled up for a guy that was claiming he could heal all problems. Perhaps he overstated?

To those who have a problem with American freedom of speech. I suggest that living in a country that supports your version of freedom might suit you better. Perhaps Iran, or North Korea, or, even worse, France.

The Clintons have become living breathing caricatures. They are a cartoon series in real life. Will the move to Springfield and live next door to Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa?

While the press denigrates the honest, tax paying, job creating, America loving Koch brothers, they adore the tax dodging, America hating, job destroying, globalist George Soros. To me Soros is the model for Ernst Stavros Blofeld of the James Bond movies. Does Mr. Soros own a white cat?

In a previous blog, I suggested restarting the WPA in depressed inner cities. This would give the unemployed an opportunity to work and get a leg up. They would not just be hanging out waiting for a handout. I would also suggest getting the trouble makers out of the class rooms where kids actually want to learn. Let the best raise themselves up rather than letting the worst drag everyone down just to be politically correct.

Just in case you are not keeping score. Under Barack Obama, good full time jobs are down. Middle class salaries are down. The number of people in the work force is down. The national debt is up. Low pay part time jobs are up. The trade gap has widened, and not in a good way. But the richest among us are doing very well.

I hear professional talking heads on TV asking, "why would we allow a Mohammad cartoon contest when we know Muslims are offended?" Why? Because we are Americans and have our freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution. We will allow no one to take away our rights. Lampoon everything that is sacred to me and I accept your right to do it. We will allow no one to change us from our very nature.

Christians are under attack. Not only for their lives in the middle east but also for their beliefs here in the United States. And we are not only under attack by Muslims but also by atheists. It is the nature of most Christians to turn the other cheek. This must stop. When Christian chaplains in the military are not allowed to use the Bible or mention Jesus, we are under attack. We are allowed freedom of religion. Those that are against us are not allowed freedom from religion. We are allowed to pray publicly as well as privately. We must rise up as a body of Christian soldiers and take back our rights.

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