Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When A Rockslide Starts, Don't Be At The Bottom

The mountain has been developing cracks. They have a whole bunch of people running around toting buckets of cement to repair the cracks. But some people tire of the personal toll. When you know the cement is weak, and it is not in your own best interest to be spreading it. What do you do? 

You have a high and mighty boss that expects complete self sacrificing loyalty. But you have seen that same boss throw people under the bus in a heartbeat to save himself. Even worse, you know he is more wrong than right. He has harmed, and continues to harm, the country that you really love. What is a dyed in the wool liberal to do?

If you're a real American, you put your ideology behind you and try to resurrect your reputation by becoming a statesman. Tim Geithner has had his epiphany. He has stopped spreading weak cement, thrown the bucket away, and is trying to stand tall. Good for him. A huge crack just appeared in the mountain. Mr. Geithner admits in his new book that he was asked to lie on the Sunday talk shows to support the administration. I doubt if this was the first or only time.

Liberals have their own version of sharia law. If a liberal lies to gain or retain power, or if they lie to destroy an opposition member, it is not really a lie, it is a weapon. But for them it is right and justified because they are keeping the curtain around the Mighty Oz. It is just that the Emerald Palace morphed into the White House.

The cracks that Benghazi started two years ago have been slowly spreading in spite of a full team effort to stifle them. Those cracks are growing faster by the day now. A simple unredacted email provided the wedge that is opening those cracks wide. This while the liberal choir sings a tune of "America doesn't care". Many Americans are caring very much.

New cracks are opening under that ledge on which the IRS sits. And anyone that thinks Americans don't care about what happens in the IRS is dead wrong. 

Then we have the newest, biggest, and possibly the most important crack in the mountain. That is the VA. True, the administration didn't create the problem. But their shiny new Secretary, Gen. Shinseki, has known about the problem for a year and done nothing. Now when the shinola was hitting the rotor, he was missing in action. But now it appears that he is surfacing with all kinds of information. Just a little late in the game. His resignation, for the sake of his own honor, would be welcome. Veterans deserve better.

So stay off the trail at the bottom of the mountain. The rocks are starting to fall and it can't be soon enough.

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