Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Spin Is On

The President, with his steady hand no where near the rudder, is, as usual, spinning like a top. Last week he said that he has set his laser like focus on jobs, This has been about , as a guesstimate, the eighth time since he came into office. The one thing that everyone agreed was needed since Obama was elected was jobs. The President periodically announces that jobs are his focus going on. Then nothing good happens. He has done absolutely nothing to promote jobs in five plus years. In fact the Participation Rate today is at it's lowest in over three decades.

Now, this week, Mr. Obama has announced that he will once again focus his boundless energy on Global Warming. Again. He has done this about as many times as he has focused on jobs. But he may actually try to do something about Global Warming, as that has become his one true religion And also because that is where the money is.

People can go to the government with plans for green projects and get huge grants to start companies and save the earth. Before the government got into the financing business, these people would have to go to venture capitalists. But venture capitalists are strange, they actually like projects that have a chance of success. The government has no such requirement. And you really have to stretch the Constitution to make a government investment in private business legitimate.

The government, apparently, has only two requirements. You must be the rich friend of someone in the administration or the rich friend of a rich friend of someone in the administration. The only other requirement is that you toe the line as a liberal.

Then interesting things start to happen. You are allowed special dispensations. Wind farms chop up eagles like a giant food processor. Solar fields cook all kinds of birds, protected and otherwise, quicker than a microwave. You hear little about that causing problems for the owners. Go bankrupt before you even get a product on the street. No problem. Get your big fat grant and start manufacturing in a foreign country. No problem.

The money goes out. The company owners get big paychecks. Along the line some cash gets back into certain political coffers and all is good in their world. In ours, not so much.


  1. Good read,
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  2. Re: Obama focusing on jobs - in all fairness he didn't say whether he'd focus on creating them or destroying them. You might have just misunderstood.