Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Beat The Drums Slowly

Back in ancient days, as the story goes, Joshua took on the land of Jericho in battle. This was not an easy challenge as Jericho had strong walls and high. But Joshua prayed and God told him to march his army around the walls for days at a time. It is said that the walls came crumbling down. Possible. The marching and the drums and the shofars could set up sympathetic vibrations in the ground that caused the wall to fail. That constant rythmic pounding will do it every time.

In our country today the drumbeat is getting louder. And it is about time. Back when "Fast and Furious" became a scandal conservative news junkies like myself were the only ones that took it seriously. Perhaps we still are. It certainly didn't connect with the general public or the press very strongly. 

The there was the time when the Justice Department threw out the confessions that they already had in hand from the New Black Panthers. A small ripple in the news there. When has a prosecutor ever thrown away a sure conviction. But then it, like so many other stories, went under-reported. 

The administrations refusal to close off our southern border got a lot more attention. It deserved a lot more. Some of those people flooding into the country were criminals and terrorists not to mention cartel thugs. At about this same time the Department of Homeland Security was trying to convince the public that conservative Americans and returning veterans are terrorists. Now people were starting to pay attention. The drumbeat was faint and slow, but it was starting.

Benghazi added very little to the drumbeat at first. But as citizens saw the lies, the cover-ups, and the arrogance, the beat got louder and louder. Then people realized that the NSA was spying on all of us and keeping records. Remember how the administration lied to us about that too. Then there was and still is the mess of Obamacare. And the beat got louder and the tempo faster. The XL pipeline was a small addition to the drums. But even that beat is getting louder by the day.

Then the truly big problems started getting newspaper space. The IRS, the most feared department in government, was being used as a weapon against anyone that the Obama administration felt to be in opposition.  To oppose Obama was to be an enemy. Enemies must be destroyed. American citizens or not, bankrupt them and ruin their lives. The beat gets louder and stronger. 

Then, all over the news, the Bureau of Land Management sent in a small heavily armed army to oust a rancher from some range-land. That which should have been a court case turned into an armed confrontation for no other reason than to show that they could. Americans don't much like armies showing up at there gates to enforce a legal situation. Boom. Boom. Boom. Hear those drums?

Then to pile evil on top of evil, it now comes out that the hacks running the VA were taking better care of themselves than the veterans. Every good American should take that as a slap in the face. When we ask people to serve we expect them to be cared for when they need that help. The people in Washington have failed those that should never be failed. If the bright light of publicity had not exposed this shame it would have gone on. Forever.

Mr. Obama, put your ear to the wall. Can you hear the drumbeat? Can you feel your walls shaking? Your walls are crumbling. And the drumbeat goes on and on and on. And this will be the Obama legacy.

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