Wednesday, May 14, 2014

None So Blind

There is an old phrase. "There are none so blind as they that will not see". This is probably attributable to John Heywood as an adaption of Biblical verse Jeremiah 5:21. Obviously, it was originally meant those that do not see the benefits of faith. I see it a little different today.

Right now, today, this country has more problems than we can deal with and more are being created weekly. In the realm of international politics, we, the United States, are a debtor country to half the first world nations including countries who's economies were destroyed after WWII. We owe over 17 trillion dollars and that number is growing. The Chinese economy is looking to outstrip ours in less than two years. Vladimir Putin has taken over world leadership only because he was allowed to do to American fecklessness. We coddle and bow to our enemies while we snub or disrespect our friends and allies losing the respect of all.

About seven years ago the jobs market started into a decline. The economy started to slow at the same time. The working people of the United States have been desperate for a recovery. Meanwhile the Fed pumped dollars into the economy, lowering the value of the dollar. They also forced interest rates to unheard of lows so people whose only investment was their savings got no return. But the rich did, and are doing very well.

While the public was clamoring for jobs, we had our health care system ripped apart and patched back together in a crazy quilt of fees, taxes, and regulations that will take years to sort out if that is even possible. Meanwhile back in Washington, jobs numbers and cost of living numbers were finagled by administration bean counters to make an appearance of progress. But fewer people are actually employed than have been employed since Jimmy Carter was President. Those jobs that have been created have been mostly part time or low paying service industry jobs.

But if you read the New York Times, or watch MSNBC and most other news outlets you would think we are mere days away from Utopia. "The recovery has been slow but it is almost ready to bust out", is a common thread. When faced down the Democrats blame George Bush. Come on he's been gone for over five years and the Democrats controlled Congress for his last two years. All of the unconstitutional behavior and scandals are just Republicans politicizing. All of those regulations that stifle business are really making the world better. And besides it is hugely important to focus on the politics of sexuality and race. 

The Democrat party either lies or they have become the political equivalent of Jonestown. Just drink your Kool Aid and shut up. There are none so blind.............

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