Friday, May 16, 2014

The Height Of Destruction

When did, "change you can believe in, become change you can destroy with? It is official now as far as I am concerned. Obamacare has destroyed healthcare. The latest announcement by our President that "the time of preferences is over", seals the deal. In other words, you will get the kind of health care that Obamacare allows you to get. The better doctors and hospitals are opting out of the system or are being dropped from the system to reduce costs.

First you couldn't keep your doctor as promised. Next you couldn't keep your insurance as promised. Then came medical allocation committees. Thank God they're not death panels. These kind non-medical people who will be controlling your use of health care just decide if you will get the treatment that you and your doctor want.

Obama promised to bring back jobs. But every new policy, every new regulation, destroys jobs and causes the lowest economic growth since WWII. Fewer people are employed in the country today than at any time since the Carter administration.

The incredible shrinking military continues to shrink as the world continually gets more dangerous. And you have to love the Obama approach to defeating terrorism. I think it was designed by a five year old. Just close your eyes. Never use the word terrorism. Never say jihad or Islamic fundamentalist and it all goes away. After all, Bin Laden is dead, isn't he?

To keep on with the President's schedule of changes in the international arena, Obama has separated us from our friends and allies abroad. At the same time our enemies laugh at us. Maybe if we keep them laughing they won't attack us.

Our wounded veterans got a change they don't want to believe in. They knew that VA hospitals left something to be desired. They actually found out that bad could get worse. And these heroes are the last people that that should happen to.

But to be fair, there is another side to the coin. The stock market is doing well and interest rates are down. Both, thanks to the FED. So the one percenters are doing just great. And since they have plenty of money they will be able to afford boutique health care and the really good hospitals.

So if the changes to your life caused destruction, just remember, there is a gazillionaire out there who is smiling and happy. 

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