Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Thoughts - Thirty-Five

Isn't it amazing that on the day they announced that the growth of the GDP has dropped to one tenth of one percent, the Dow hit a new record. The one percent that the President pretends to dislike are all sending him "Thank You" cards.

Well, we have the Congress to look after our interests, right? Then why, when we pay to have roads built, is Congress looking at a plan to put tolls on more roads and make us pay to use what we paid to build?

There is a quiet plan afoot to eliminate COLA increases for social security recipients once again. That will make three years out of six that they have punished the elderly for being old. They say they haven't the money. They do, however, manage to find the money for Barack's golf junkets and Michelle's vacations with her entourage and the frequent Obama family respites. Priorities, folks. Priorities.

I hope everyone knows how important I believe it is to get honest answers to all of the questions regarding Benghazi, as we have been fed a constant stream of lies by the administration. But how are we ever going to get the truth when the hearings are just a stage for politicians to bloviate. We need a Select Committee.

It has become the custom in some quarters to espouse the idea that America's best days are behind us. It is all over and we are on a long downhill slide. Bull! Yes, we've been damaged. Yes, we will have more damage as long as we stay on our current path. Yes, it will take time to reverse the damage. But we can do it. I remember Germany after WWII. They were the enemy and the allies devastated them. This added to the terrible damage the Nazi Regime did to their own country in order to wage the war. Twenty years later, they had a viable economy. Forty years later they were the top economic power in Europe. And we are better than they are!

Did you see the weekly jobless claims? I'm expecting the President to make a speech soon telling us that he is going to change his focus to creating jobs. What will this be? The tenth time. Barack, your sixth year and we're still waiting. Some recovery. 

Why does the AARP air ads on TV bragging about "feeding the poor" but none about lobbying for the elderly. I thought that is what they were supposed to be doing. Amazing, not one word from the AARP about how Obama is harming the elderly. Why do you think that is? Full disclosure; I stopped supporting them ten years ago.

There are those that say I have nothing good to say about Barack Obama. That is not true. I think that he is one of the most loyal Presidents in my lifetime. My problem is with who and what he is loyal to.

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