Wednesday, May 7, 2014

As The Worm Turns

I was brought up in a time when racism was public, prevalent, and unadorned. Does racism still exist? Of course it does. There will always be haters. It is not restricted to race. Some people are just hard wired to use hate to cover up fear. But you can believe me when I tell you that the racism that you see today is pale by comparison (no pun intended) with what I saw as a youth.

I know that as I get older I probably get confused a little more easily, but I am losing track of the rules. I read this morning that if you do not like Mexican food you are a racist. That's a reach. What if you like burritos but don't like tacos or mole sauce. Last week it was announced that non-Hispanics are not to use the word fiesta as that would be racist. But cinco de Mayo seems to be all right. At least for now. Even flying the American flag is called racist by some.

If you disapprove of our President's policies you are racist. Apparently this is true, even if your natural skin tone is even darker than Mr. Obama's. But somehow if you have a campaign against Condaleezza Rice speaking at Rutgers University that is not racist. Who are these protesters that can campaign against an brilliant and accomplished woman of color without repercussions? I'll just bet they are of a light complected hue. You see trashing any conservative is never racist. To some it is a duty. If you hear the Greek chorus chanting "hypocrisy", so do I. Somehow you never hear the racist rants of Al Sharpton called for what they are.

If you object to sharia law, or a nice peace loving stoning or beheading or female mutilation you are Islamophobic. So why, if you want to wipe Israel off the map are you not called Judeophobic? If you blow up Christian churches killing Christians in the process, why are you not Christophobic? This is a road that seem to go in one direction only and I am confused about why. Is it because those that usually apply these labels are in fear of peace loving Muslims or are the just true believers.

So if I express distress in a hateful manner about Boka Harum kidnapping twelve year old girls, as they were ordered to do, they say, by Allah, and selling them into slavery (yes, selling twelve year old girls into slavery as a religious right) am I Islamophobic? Say yes, say no. I do not give a rats posterior what anybody thinks, such behavior is sub-human and evil. If you believe in a God, any God, you cannot believe that a God would condone this.

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  1. My Obamaton friends and acquaintances used to graciously concede that my disagreeing with Obama's policies did not automatically make me a racist. But thanks to recent developments now I know: it does.