Sunday, October 6, 2013

What? I Don't Get It

This is going to be a short article today. I normally don't blog on Sundays. But this mornings news just astounded me. We, apparently, sent a group of SEALs along with FBI and CIA operatives into Libya and captured Abu Anas al Liby, an Al Qaeda leader that they have been seeking for years. He had nothing to do with the Benghazi attack, according to reports.

Here is what I don't understand. Today, we can go into Libya and take this man prisoner, take him out of the country, and jail him. Then why could we not take those responsible for the Benghazi attack the same way a year ago? The doers were identified and were walking around Tripoli free as birds. We got a bunch of excuses that Libya wouldn't allow it. We couldn't find them. Gee, a newspaper reporter found them and got an interview. So now some people in Libya have their knickers in a twist. I doubt that there is an American that cares. So I ask again, what about the perpetrators of Benghazi?

Look, we got the ones we got and that is good. But we need to get the Benghazi crowd the same way. And soon. I think we have waited too long. I cannot help but feel that this was a grandstand play by the administration. They are looking weak, arrogant, and confused both nationally and internationally. They badly needed a win. Credit where due, they got one here.

Correction: The original report that I read said that the SEALs did the deed. It is now being reported that it was Delta Force. One, the other, or both, they are heroes!

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