Monday, October 7, 2013

The Hypocritical Oath

New Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath. The first sentence is "First do no harm." Those that feel they rule us today seem to have taken the Hypocritical Oath. That , obviously, starts saying, do all the harm that you can. The President is not getting his own way. He doesn't like that. He wont negotiate. But he claims that he wants to cooperate. In his mind, cooperation is him stating what he wants and everybody falling into line for him.

When he doesn't get his way he gets angry and petulant. Like a child in a grown mans body, he will go for retribution. The target of his retribution is the American citizen. Not the rich or the famous. He basks in their adoration. They exist for his use. For donations. For gala shows at the White House. For the use of a home for a fancy vacation. No, they are immune from abuse. They wouldn't put up with it anyway. They have means.

It is easier and safer to pick on those the are least able to defend themselves. Close off walk in memorials dedicated to those that have given their lives to protect our country. Put up gates. Wire them together. Post park rangers to enforce those bullying rules. Then pass the word down to those rangers to make things as difficult as possible. Even to the point of threatening people with arrest. That will show those old codgers whose boss. Except those old codgers have been to war and they know who is boss. They went to their memorial in spite of you.

Next shut down the national parks. Give some pain to those families that enjoy a weekend of camping because it is a cheap vacation for families that are in fear of losing their jobs in the Obama economy and are having their cost of medical insurance doubled. So block off those parks. And make sure that you prevent those who live on government land from occupying their homes. That'll show them a thing or two. By the way, we do know that all of this retribution costs the taxpayers more than just letting everything run.

Moses parted the Red Sea so Obama blocks use of the ocean. There are no park rangers out there. The Coast Guard comes only when called. So you've blocked people from both their boats and their livelihood. As Teddy Roosevelt would have said, "That's a bully idea." But I think he would have had a different meaning.

But now you have taken this whole retribution thing one step to far. You have shut down the "Amber Alert" network. The children? To get your pitiful way, you would put children that are in danger in even more danger? What kind of man are you. Have you no shame. I'm going to stop now because if I say more, I will reduce myself to your level.

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