Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On Leadership

I do not care how good his football season is. I do not care how many new records he may set. Peyton Manning will never have one tenth of the class that Tom Brady has. But apart from that, Brady is a leader. Right there in the thick of things. Both on and off the field. Brady understands the responsibility of leadership. If he were in a different position, like maybe President of the United States, he would know that;

A leader does not lead from behind.

A leader does not lead from the golf course.

A leader does not lead from Air Force One.

A leader does not lead from Martha's Vineyard.

A President leads from the Oval Office.

And he doesn't desecrate history by putting his shoe up on the Resolute Desk.

A leader talks with the opposition.

And he does it with a degree of humility.

A leader brings parties together.

A leader doesn't try to publicly humiliate and insult those he wishes to persuade. 

A leader understands that not everyone thinks that he is right.

A leader realizes that being opposed to his ideas does not make people enemies.

A leader realizes that seeking harsh retribution will turn people into enemies.

A leader realizes that he must take public responsibility when things go wrong.

A leader realizes that to do otherwise is unsightly and arrogant.

Maybe there is a leader out there that should ask Tom Brady for lessons in leadership.

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