Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty-Seven

I just read where a jobless woman was arrested and charged with stealing $2.87 in change from a fountain to get something to eat. The same day the United States Congress stole our grandchildren's future and congratulated themselves for their political skill.

All those people out there that love Obama phones and all the free stuff. If your happy about taxing the rich. If you think the government should be your nanny. Stand by. The supply is not endless. If you have doubts, look at Greece. The United States, the greatest country in the world is being Europeanized by liberal policy. If we don't get control we'll be looking at third world status one day.

America is roundly castigated because the country has had slavery in the past. It ended, at great cost, in the Civil War, 150 years ago. Today 30 million people still live in slavery. That is rarely talked about. Most of them live in India, the mid-east, and Africa.

For those of you that think the country is going in the wrong direction, the majority I believe, your Congress just pushed the accelerator to the floorboards. It's going to be a rocky road.

I do not see how Obamacare cannot blow up. Nothing seems to be working. None of the promises are coming true. But the administration says; "It is the law of the land. Live with it."

The Washington creeps just can't resist. Put money in front of them and they act like divas on Rodeo Drive. They tell us we must give them the money to save the country. First thing they do is add pork barrel projects and a death benefit to Frank Lautenbergs widow of $174 thousand. The man left his wife over fifty million dollars when he passed away. And there are people out here that can't find work. Pathetic.

Just in case you have lost track of where Obama has placed us in the world. China has just downgraded our credit. China, for heavens sake. Where did we go so wrong. By the way, for those that aren't counting, this is the second credit downgrade under Obama. Under previous Presidents, never. I'll bet you don't read this in the main scream media.

I know I promised a hiatus on Obama. But the news makes me do what I do. I cannot remain silent in the face of the insanity of it all.

For those that are starting to  stack up a few years and are concerned about how aging effects ones thinking and memory, I suggest they try crossword puzzles. They exercise both memory and logic. Besides that, they are fun. I have been doing one every morning before breakfast for years. I like the ones that are in the L.A. Times. They start on Monday with an easy one and by Saturday they are very tough. Try them in "master" mode until you are completely stuck then shift to regular where you will be shown your mistakes. Try it. It is addicting.

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