Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty-Six

Can we please have just one week go by where President Obama isn't out there laying off the blame for the latest crisis on someone else.

Another despicable act by the administration. They are denying death benefits to the families of those killed in the service to their country just to make a political point. That is just evil.

So the administration won't allow Catholic priests to minister to active duty military, even as volunteers, while this phony shutdown goes on. He loves to see average Americans suffer. It must be great to be King.

Janet Yellen is the Presidents pick to replace Ben Bernanke at the Fed. He likes her because he knows that she will continue Bernanke's policies. In other words, she will continue to pump air into the Bernanke Bubble. The problem is that with the insane level of spending and the equally insane level of "quantitative easing", the economy keeps sinking deeper into the quagmire.

By the time the country has to face the music for all the bad decisions being made now, Obama will either be out of office or appoint himself President for Life, a la Hugo Chavez, and he won't care.

Note to that school system on Long Island where kids cant play any more. You might want to ban tiddly winks too. I understand that some time in the early part of the twentieth century a child got hit in the eye with one of those little discs. There was some bruising.

Just a reminder. With this scandal a week club that is running our nations capitol, we can't afford to forget Benghazi. The administration wants us to. Hillary wants us to. But it needs to stay in our focus. They didn't go into Libya and catch the doers because they do not want us to hear their testimony. It may take a whole new administration to get the facts out.

Congratulations to the BoSox. It has been a great year for Boston baseball and I have been a fan for over seventy years. Good luck to them on Saturday in the ALCS. Go Sox!!!!!

Now, if it were just a great year for American freedom, we would be all set.

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