Monday, October 14, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Personal

First, the personal. I've been a little busy over the past few days so it has been hard to find time to write. But there are still things that need to be said. One thing is that I am tired of writing about how this administration is messing up the country. The ineptness and lack of skill are epic. But how many times, and in how many ways, can it be said without becoming boorish and boring. So I am declaring a short hiatus after today about the President personally. The acts of this modern messiah and his apostles will still be fair game.

Second, the good. I'll confess, part of the reason that I have been busy is the Red Sox and the Patriots. When they're on TV, I'm watching. So congratulations to both teams. Yesterday was a great day for New England sports. Both teams proved that old adage that "winners never quit". Both teams took it right down to the wire and pulled off a last minute win. I will say once again that I am picking the Sox in the World Series, in six games. Again, I will also say again, that if I am wrong I hope everyone will forget my prediction.

Finally, the bad. Be fair, the Republicans have made an effort. They have presented three different offerings. Any one of them could have been a start to negotiations. but the Democrats rejected them out of hand. The Democrats think they are winning with their intransigence. Even though most of the press is still carrying the Democrat's water, people are starting to understand that it is all about power with them and to hell with the country. Mr. Obama's honeyed word and soaring rhetoric will buy him little if the cost to the country goes up much higher. He is the President. It is his job to make it work. Blaming everyone else while mugging for the camera won't take him a lot farther.

I read an article in the Washington Times this morning called "Poor President For Seniors", by Jim Martin and Pat Boone. They talked about how seniors have done poorly during this administration. This is a subject I have written on from time to time. One fact that most people have forgotten by now is that shortly after he took office, before economists had even compiled numbers, Mr. Obama announced that there would be no cost of living increase for seniors in the first two years of his term. He was true to his word. There were none. In the two years since and as promised for the upcoming year the increases have been and will be very small. If Mr. Obama feels that seniors are not paying attention, he is wrong. We are. If he thinks that most seniors are doddering fools that can barely feed ourselves, he is wrong there too. But my final question is to the AARP that is supposed to be looking out for seniors. Why aren't you folks kicking up a ruckus? Might it be that since you climbed into bed with Obamacare you don't care to rattle the cage? Have you become the American Association for Obamacare? Is it all about selling insurance and not about lobbying for the benefit of seniors?

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