Thursday, October 3, 2013


One problem that I have with those running the country today is they seem not to know history nor to care about it. Everything is about them and today. It is, I believe, an arrogance of youth combined with an arrogance of power. They have no respect for those that sacrificed so that those that are in power could be there.

It has been reported that the President was told that four busloads of World War Two veterans were on their way to Washington to visit the World War Two Memorial. As the youngest of these men had to be in their mid eighties and many were in wheelchairs, this had to be a difficult trek. When Mr. Obama was asked for permission to open the memorial for them in spite of the government shutdown, he refused. 

The heroic men in women that would not be stopped by the Germans in Europe nor the Japanese in the Pacific and were not to be stopped by the foolishness of petty politicians. They pushed the barriers aside and they went to their monument without interference. And that is as it should have been. They have more than earned the right.

Meanwhile, an Honor Flight group of veterans in Ohio were threatened with arrest by the National Park Service. They were told by a female park service employee that if they show up at the memorial and try to go around the barriers they would be arrested. These honor flights are booked long in advance and are expensive. They sacrificed in war and further sacrificed to make this flight. They do not deserve to be treated with the lack of honor and lack of respect that is being shown. These are the people that have proven that they were the greatest generation.

There is one question that troubles me through this whole thing. If the park service had enough people working to threaten arrest, put up barricades, and watch these barricades, why did they have to try to force these veterans to give up on visiting a place that is sacred to them and those that have been lost. That is not only disrespectful, it is heartless. The park service people could have just quietly moved a few barriers and let them pass unmolested.

Once again the administration picks on what they consider easy targets just to show who's the big dog in Washington. During the sequester it was and, I believe, still is, preventing school children from touring the White House. Today they tried blocking elderly veterans from their hard earned memorial. 

Those that have the power may think that it proves to those of us out in the hinterlands who the big dog is, but this time that big dog come off looking like a nasty, mean alley cur.

I had just finished writing this when  the news came that the government had backed down and labeled this a First Amendment exercise, tucked their tails between their legs and ran like a big dog will do when faced with a bigger dog. A heartfelt thanks to the pols that showed up at the memorial to support the vets and protect their interest. 

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