Friday, October 11, 2013

President Janus

Janus was a Roman God. He was the god of beginnings and endings. Hence the name January for our first month. He had a face on both the front and back of his head so that he could see in both directions at once. One could say he was two faced.

Well, it must be Janus living in the White House because he is certainly two faced. Everything that our President says, he does the opposite. Mr. Obama claims that he has "bent over backward to work with Republicans". Really? Let us think back to when Mr. Obama was a shiny new President and the bloom was still on the rose. He started on the long and pothole filled road to Obamacare.

At the time, still hopeful Republicans got their thoughts and wishes together prepared to sit down and be part of building this new healthcare plan. That was certainly a wasted effort. Mr. Obama gathered up Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and a group of Democrat stalwarts brought them into a room in the White House, closed and locked the door, and posted guards outside. No Republicans allowed.

At this point, Mr. Obama headed for the golf course or vacation or someplace other than working on health care. Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, various Democrat insiders, and a cast of thousands of lobbyists actually put this jigsaw puzzle together. They tacked together a raft of ill coordinated ideas and it became Obamacare. They rammed it through the House and Senate with no debate because they had the power. Now we own Obamacare and they own us.

That management style became the standard operating procedure for the Obama  presidency. He berated spending under Bush but more than doubled down when he came to power. He promised to bring the races together. In my lifetime I have never seen such friction and racial enmity. Closing Gitmo? A long vanished dream. 

Mr. Obama claims that he has created jobs. There's a man that has two of them. He works about twenty-eight hours a week at each one. And he makes almost as much as he did in his forty hour job that disappeared.

We have been hearing how Obama's actions are bringing about an economic recovery. The stock market has been doing pretty well. At least for now. But that is not the economy. The Gross Domestic Product is lagging. It is way below what we need to support a growing population.

There are just so many things, that a book could be written. And one probably will be at some point. But watch and listen. Hear what is said and compare it with what is done. You cannot help but see that we have President Janus.

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