Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is There Anybody Out There?

I don't buy into conspiracy theories. Most conspiracies defy logic and common sense. Some of the ideas that conspiracy theorists come up with are downright dumb. I once heard Rosie O'Donnell, while explaining that 9/11 was an inside job, ask "whoever heard of fire melting steel?. How about every time a blacksmith made a horseshoe, Rosie. 

That I don't get excited over conspiracies doesn't preclude their being such things. In fact, in one case, I almost hope that there are unseen people out there plotting a conspiracy. The thing is that there is hardly any difference between a circus clown show and the happenings in our nations capitol. Our political clowns are all running around trying to whack each other with verbal slapsticks while mugging for the camera. At the same time they are puffing out their own chests running to microphones trying to get people to believe they are the heroes of the occasion while they are just trying to cover their own sorry butts so they will stay in office.

But I just have this feeling that there are some actual smart people out there working for the country. People whose names are never mentioned because few know who they are. These people would be working in locations where politicians are never invited. The politicians are probably unaware that these places and these people even exist. It would be kind of like "The Wizard of Oz". But nobody gets to see what is behind the curtain or even where the curtain is located unless they are known and thoroughly vetted.

When you see the President of the United States closing off monuments to veterans and refusing payment to the families of fallen heroes. When you have an Attorney General that views everything through a prism of race. When you have congressional leadership the cannot talk across the aisle and negotiate for the good of the country. That cannot be our best and our brightest. We have come to have a government by smug, self-satisfied, ego trippers.

So I hope that there are people out there doing the right thing. They would be almost invisible. Working in nameless buildings away from the hoopla of D.C. They would be people skilled in science, finance, military science, and many other rigors. They would have security clearances unavailable to even the President. But they would be out there protecting this country from it's own foolishness. Protecting our country from the small mindedness of our elected officials. This is my conspiracy theory. And I hope it is not just a fantasy because right now it is needed. Hello, is there anybody out there? 

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