Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Unofficial Dictionary of Obama-Speak

I watch and read a lot of news. It bothers me how our President will play fast and loose with the English language to his own benefit. So I thought it would be entertaining and informative to collect a few and present them here.

Post Racial = Most Racial

Transparency = Like a brick wall

I take full responsibility = It's Bush's fault

Lead from behind = Retreat

I will not rest until… = I got a tee time in an hour

I promise the American People = Don’t bet on it

I have lowered taxes for the middle class = Hide your money

I don’t want to take your guns = Hide your guns

We need more spending = Even John Maynard Keynes would have bailed out by now

Our borders are more secure than ever = Borders? We’ve go borders?

The job market is improving = In China

Stop the transfer of illegal weapons = Unless to Mexican cartels or Muslim terrorists

Terrorist = Evangelical Christian

Overspending = no such concept

Truth = Whatever Democrats say

Lie = Everything Republicans say

Line in the sand = Line? What line? I don’t see no stinkin line.

Mexican violence = American problem

Islamic terror = American problem

Job training = Paper or plastic, Maam?

I did every thing possible about Benghazi = It's Hillary's fault

I am sure that there are many more. This is just a quick sampling. But in general a great deal of what he says means just the opposite. So watch carefully what he says and watch even more carefully what he does.

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