Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Thoughts Eighteen

In the aftermath of that terrible tornado in Oklahoma, while people who have lost everything are trying to find their children that were at school, Sheldon Whitehouse, the Senator from Rhode Island, stood up on the Senate floor and blamed the tornado on Republicans. As always, Senator, very classy. You have given new meaning to the term "opportunist".

Can anyone explain to me why we borrow money from China, then turn around and send it back to them as foreign aid? They should be giving us foreign aid.

Speaking of China, have any of the "Balance of Trade" and monetary policy geniuses out there figured out yet how China will take a huge financial hit? My tea leaves say it will happen in the next decade. Longer if we continue on our present political path.

Can the democrats not smell the stink. They had better. It is coming from their White House and if they don't clean up their own mess it will stick to them for years.

Let me see if I have this straight, the liberals are blaming the conservatives because the liberal administration is rife with scandals and criminal activity. I suppose if your a liberal, that makes sense. If you are sane and reasonable, it doesn't.

Is everyone in the Obama administration a clone of Sergeant Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes"? "I know nothing." So many people charged with running our country, no nothing. No wonder we're in trouble.

Two things we still need to know about Benghazi. Who gave the stand down order and who was watching the video feeds? There is more, but those are critical. Come on whistle blowers. Your country needs you. This is not a political scandal. It goes to the nature of our country. It just happened to be caused by politicians.

Under the "You Can't Make These Things Up" category: The woman at the IRS that went after conservative groups for the administration is now running the Obamacare division. Really? 

The Democrat's favorite new word is irrelevant. "We didn't know anything and it's irrelevant anyway."

I still think that these huge numbers on the stock market will implode. The Bernanke bubble will burst one day. Tears will be shed.

I was talking with a doctor last week. He told me that the doctors that he talks to are scared to death about Obamacare. The older ones are just getting out rather than deal with it. So now we will have more people in a much more expensive system with fewer doctors to take care of them. That sounds ideal to me. Liberal heaven.

Anyone that believes that Obama didn't know about these on going scandals until he heard about them in the news has got to be living in a cave. Anyplace that I have ever worked, if anything bad happened their were people that would run you down to be the first one to tell the boss. 

I said that I would let you know when we hit readership in seventy countries. Actually we had a small flurry and we are now up to seventy-two. Thanks to all of you.

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