Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Benghazi Fixation

Am I really fixated on Benghazi? I suppose I am. I think every American has the right to be. An armed attack was perpetrated on American soil by a foreign enemy. Four people, including an American Ambassador, were killed. There was inadequate security  before the attack. No one came to their assistance during the attack. The American public was lied to after the attack. Our government created a massive cover up. Our Secretary of State asked ”What does it matter at this point?“ and our President now says, “there’s no there there”. I am sorry, there is plenty of there there and it does still matter. 

The administration has played to the meme that this is all about the altered talking points and the cover up of who was responsible for the alteration of those talking points. Their idea being that Mr. Obama is never responsible for anything. Everyone outside of the White House is lying. And it is all irrelevant anyway. Story over.

Not so fast, please. The latest big question seems to be where was the President when all this occurred. Once again, the administration claims irrelevance. They may have a point as the President, no matter where he is, is tied into a massive communications network at all times. My guess is that he was on Air Force One on his way to Las Vegas for one of his ongoing campaign speeches. The real question is, was he monitoring the situation? That we will probably never know.

There are some important questions that do remain unanswered. Ambassador Stevens requested additional security at Benghazi. It was a dangerous spot and everyone knew it. We were informed that a low level functionary in Embassy Security denied the request. I believe that to be untrue. If an ambassador requests a security upgrade, the Secretary of State must sign off on that refusal. Hillary Clinton continues to deny that she had any part in this but her fingerprints are all over it. 

I have another question that hasn’t been asked yet. Were the two drones overhead when the initial attack took place? If so, who knew to have them in place and what further intelligence did that person have about impending attacks? If the drones were sent in after the attack, how is it we had time to get drones there but not jets or troops? That just does not make sense. It would also be good to have a list of all the people that were watching the drone feeds.

There seems to be no question that someone in the military chain of  command ordered the Special Operations people that wanted to go into Benghazi to “stand down”. The name of that person must be released and that person must testify before Congress. Anything less would be criminal. Whether he likes it or not, Barack Obama sits at the top of that chain of command. As Commander in Chief he is the highest ranking military man in the country. If he does not know the answer to the question, the answer is his for the asking. The men were available, wanted to go, and had transportation arranged. But because of one persons weak kneed cowardice two men died that might have been saved.

Make no mistake. This is still a scandal. We cannot let it be glossed over. The White House has gone through their deny, deny, deny, old news, cycle. But this monster of a scandal still has legs. It was reported on Tuesday that two new whistle blowers are getting lawyers and the information they have is damning. Thank God there are still a few people in Congress with enough backbone to continue asking the questions. Please support them.

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