Friday, May 24, 2013

The Show Must Go On

I know the show must go on. But who is running things.The President doesn't know anything until he sees in in the newspaper. (Note to President: You would find out things sooner if you watched Fox News.) The ex Secretary of State never knew anything about any thing. Everything was done at a lower level and she doesn't know their names or even where they work. All past, present, and future heads of the IRS are not there to supervise. (What then?) Legal Councils tell Chiefs of Staff. But as close as we can tell, the only person making decisions are custodians who decide when windows need to be washed.

I can understand how the President has no time to run things. There is golf, basketball, daily speeches all over the country, finding Marines for umbrella duty. Vacations must be planned. Union leaders must be schmoozed. It is a long tiring day. He just doesn't have time for scandals that are obviously brought about by uncooperative Republicans.

He's the President. Those Tea Partiers and reporters are annoying. They are lucky he is just using the FBI and IRS. After all, they know he controls armed drones. People should understand, his intentions are good. It is just that being President is a lot harder than he thought it would be. Besides, having all that power is so much fun. What good is it if you don't use it.

The President learned back at Harvard that America is too arrogant. All his socialist buddies explained it to him. One world. All countries equal. Nobody gets much, but everybody gets the same. Unless, of course, you are part of the ruling class. That has worked so well in Europe. We can be like France. Isn't that a plan.

After four and a half years, we still don't have jobs. The economy is a ticking time bomb. Don't take too much comfort from the Dow. The First Amendment is under attack. The Second Amendment is under attack. The Fourth Amendment is under attack. The best and brightest in the upper ranks of the military are being replaced by desk jockies willing to go along. The country is being buried in regulations. Obamacare  is blowing up and falling apart. We still have God knows how many czars running the country behind the scenes without Senate approval. The President sits in his bubble and only talks to his inner circle.

Talk about the bloom being of the rose. All we have left from this administration is a bunch of thorns.

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