Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Week In The Life.....

This is not going to  be a good week in the life of  Barack Hussein Obama. Even his tight little bubble of sycophants will not be able to shield him from the storm that is brewing. And it is not just one storm. It is a synchronicity of storms that are going to converge over Washington and rain all over his never ending campaign parade.

Just when they thought that they had successfully guided Benghazi through the "deny, deny, deny, old news cycle", like the movie monsters of old it rose again to create havoc in an administration ill equipped to take the hit. Once the whistle blowers started talking publicly about the mismanagement, bad decisions, and evil behavior previous to and through that horrifying attack, others will be drawn out. It is the nature of people to want to share their bad experiences as it helps to bring healing to themselves and revenge against those that did the harm. When the snow has started to shift,  stand aside the avalanche cannot be far behind.

Since Obama and his administration, by their own admission, have never been responsible for anything bad, someone else must take the blame. They made what is possibly the worst mistake possible in selecting the CIA to dump on. To put it nicely, the professionals at the CIA do not take kindly to taking the hit for politicians. I suspect they put politicians in slightly lower regard than creepy-crawly things with six or more legs that inhabit damp spaces under rocks. But these are smart and devious people at the CIA. They know how to strike back in a way that the President will never see coming and it will not be traceable to them.

On top of that we have the IRS scandal blowing up. It has not been unheard of that, occasionally, in the past an enemy or two of the administration in power might be examined in a little more detail than what would be appropriate. But this group has gone wholesale with the process. Calling for an audit of any group with patriot or tea party in it's name or any group that teaches about the Constitution is way over the top. And that is not to mention individuals that supported Romney and are also getting the treatment. No group of underlings in Ohio could get away with this without the notice and consent of management. Heads must roll. Remember, the IRS is supposed to administer Obamacare. This one could get very interesting.

Under normal circumstances I would think that either the FBI or the Secret Service would investigate these charges against the IRS. But under Eric Holder the Justice Department has become so politicized as to be ineffective. That has been exemplified by the truly poor work and worse communications involving the Boston bombing.

Our government is off course and, I feel, turning against us. It all comes back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But as the President constantly comes on TV stating his abject surprise and dismay over every breaking scandal we ask, who is running the country? We have over three years of this administration left. Pray for gridlock because nothing they do makes life in America any better.

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