Friday, May 17, 2013

Fear Me For I Am The New Shiva

Usually government is a good thing. It brings orderliness to a country and supplies basic protections. Most countries have rules for government called a constitution. The United States Constitution is an exemplar of what a constitution should be. It limits federal government power. It protects citizen's rights. It assures rights to the individual states. It divides federal power evenly across three branches of government. It has one glaring weakness. Our Constitution presupposes that everyone in government will play by the rules.

If they would, our country would be a burgeoning success forever. But history happens. Sometimes it happens in the form of a war. Sometimes justified, sometimes not. Sometimes Mother Nature takes control like the Dust Bowl of the thirties. Sometimes it comes in the form of an arrogant President so hungry for personal power and so isolated from the citizenship, that he knows no limits and bears no personal responsibility. It makes matters so much worse when this President has a following of blindly worshiping acolytes, not only in his political party, but also in the press.

If anyone dare oppose their new god they are quick to bring out the shield of racism. No matter how egregious the charge or how over reaching the tactic, he bears no fault. He always knows the answers and never doubts his rightness for he has been told he is the smartest man that ever held the office of President. He has never seen or heard anything to make him doubt that.

You see the problem here is, you can attack your opponents as enemies. You can appoint czars out side our system of government. You can make interim appointments when the Senate is still in session. You can insult the Supreme Court in the most public of forums, the State of the Union speech. You can throw anyone under the bus to avoid responsibility.

But when you attack your acolytes in the press because they were just doing their job, you have stepped in it up to your knees. He apparently forgot that old saying, "never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the gallon". The scales have been torn from their eyes. Well, at least some of them. What was two inches on page twelve is now front page above the fold.

There is one thing about a pig pile that I learned as a child. It never stops until every body's in. I'll end with an old Persian saying that I will try to get right. "The man who doesn't know, is unschooled. Teach him. The man that doesn't know what he doesn't know, is confused. Council him. The man that doesn't know that he doesn't know what he doesn't know, is a fool. Shun him." Think on that.

And a small reminder, we still need jobs. We are in the longest recession ever and still bumping along the bottom.

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