Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random Thoughts Nineteen

I was flipping through the TV and found a show about a para-biologist. He claimed to be an expert on animals that don't exist. How do you train for that job? Do you get an advanced degree from a college that doesn't exist?

Holder has got to have pictures that include barnyard animals. How else can he still be holding on to his job?

Speaking of Holder, don't forget, he controls the FBI. Doesn't that give you the warm and fuzzies?

Among all the muddle of scandals going on in Washington, please do not forget we still need jobs. Our President is an expert at misdirection but it is still, jobs, jobs, jobs. Maybe it5 is time to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, before it's too late. That would help.

Since I'm sure we can all multi-task, also keep one eye on the Benghazi scandal. That is the biggie. 

Apparently, Dick Durbin thinks that bloggers don't deserve First Amendment protection. And here I thought it applied to everyone. How do we find these self serving geniuses that we send to Washington.

I didn't post on Memorial Day. So a belated thank you to those that have served and our prayers for those and the families of those that didn't come back. The defense of your country and fellow citizens is the highest of callings.

Anyone that calls Fox News faux news in the future should be ashamed. Obama has vindicated them in a way no one else could.

Does this administration think that we don't notice when they just move or promote their minions that get caught lying or breaking the law? Fire them. They deserve it and you might regain a little credibility. We understand that they were doing as ordered but they still got caught.

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