Friday, April 19, 2013

We Are Not Who You Think We Are

You little fools. You think that you know us. You think that you understand us. I will tell you right now, that your warped little minds are incapable of understanding us. Do you really think that your puny little bombs terrify us? Do you think that your feeble attacks drive us to our beds to hide under the covers? Do you really think that we are shallow little people who will never strike back? You are wrong. I tell you that you are wrong and history will tell you, if you ever deigned to read any, that you are wrong. Read the words of Admiral Yamamoto after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

We are a friendly, caring, and forgiving people. We are not a weak people. We do not go insane and parade in the streets screaming like little children because of some perceived insult. We do not shred the flesh of innocent women and children under any circumstances.

We are a great country both in size and in presence. We are the giant that tolerates the gnat. So take your peace in that. Be assured that our tolerance has it’s limits. You are fortunate. Right now this country is run by those who haven’t the stomach to right wrongs as they should be. We are in the thrall of people that live by political correctness and fear strong action. This will not be forever.

On Patriots Day, Boston was subject to a cowardly attack. Some died, many  were harmed. Go to Boston today and talk to the people on the street. Ask them about their fear. They will laugh in your face. Boston is not a city that fears. Boston is a city that never forgets. Boston is a city that seeks retribution.

We know your name. We know where you were born. We will know where you are now. We will know the name of the person or government, that financed your operation. So start looking over your shoulder. Start now. Maybe you will know that retribution has arrived. Or maybe retribution will arrive in the form of an explosion larger than you can conceive of. You may hear it coming or it may arrive silently in the night. Is that a hawk over head or a drone? You never know.

You go to your training camps, a few hundred at a time, at most. You run around for a few months waiving pitiful excuses for weapons and describe yourselves as warriors. You are not warriors. You are pale shadows of fighting men and will never understand the mind of a true warrior. You are thugs, gangsters, and miscreants. You are a sorry pitiful lot with little pride and no honorable standards.

So, you have been warned. I know that you do not take this warning seriously. Your type never does. But be aware, soon we will have serious people in place to correct these wrongs. For your comfort, you probably will not suffer. You will just no longer be.

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