Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hide Your Money and Guns

In case you hadn't noticed, it has started. Obama has nothing to lose and the liberals are on the warpath. States, cities, prosecutors, and even some individual police officers are confiscating the guns of honest peaceful citizens even when they are within the law. A couple of Texas cops stopped a veteran who was out in the woods with his son. They had a legal firearm and were acting legally. The cops stopped them, confiscated the gun, and arrested the veteran. When he tried to explain the law to the two cops, he was told "we don't care about the law".

The State of New York is confiscating guns based on supposed mental problems. It's spreading like wild fire. Little events here and there. But it will not be easily stopped. Those that want honest citizens disarmed have their foot in the door and they are pushing hard. They will not relent until they are forced to pay a price. I am not sure the courts are willing to hand them that bill. And make no mistake, most are not gun haters. Most of them want the American public disarmed just like England.

There are a few misguided souls that think removing guns will end crimes of violence. That will not happen. Crimes of violence will get worse, as they did in England if anyone would take the time to check. And if one takes another moment to check facts, crimes with firearms are recently on the increase in Great Britain. So it is that  we will be forced to pay the penalty of unintended results as we so often do when politicians think they know a better way.

But even worse are those that want us to be disarmed so that we may be brought to leash and be controlled by our betters. Our betters, of course, being the liberal intelligentsia. They know that if they were given, or can take, complete control, they could create a true utopia. It may be a utopia for them but it would be hell for the rest of us. 

Also consider what is going through the minds of these same liberals when they heard that Cyprus is confiscating bank accounts or at least portions thereof. You could almost sense or Presidents mouth start watering. The other day he stated that no one needs more than three million dollars in a retirement account. Gee, I wonder what he was thinking.

The Presidents minions at the Fed already have interest rates forced to impossibly low rates so to give some cover to the over spending by the Obama administration. So money in your savings just doesn't grow anymore. This is particularly hard on seniors with very little in savings. The policies of this administration make it very hard to outlive your money. 

But the Pols don't care, as long as they get more and more money out of this pitiful economy so they can waste it on weird theories and to fill their friends coffers. So protect yourself against a government gone wild. Hide your guns and money.

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