Friday, April 5, 2013

Illegal Secrets

There has been a great deal of chatter about illegal aliens of late. And yes, I know I’m being politically incorrect. The latest new name for them that I saw was “neighbors without social security numbers”. I kind of like that. But, as usual, the politicians all have their own reasons and strategy regarding our permanent visitors from foreign climes. The talking heads all have their own, often strange, point of view. The media, as usual, stands on the sidelines and cheers.

The secret is that it is going to happen. One way or another, they will be welcomed as the newest citizens of the United States of America. I have been convinced of this for a couple of years now, and have been sitting back and watching the evolution.

It is going to happen because a lot of politicians want it to happen. Many additional politicians think it needs to happen. And very few politicians are truly against it happening in spite of their public posturing. There are two over-riding reasons that our elected officials are willing to support amnesty in the face of a great deal of public negativity.

The first, and most obvious reason, is that new citizens tend to vote Democrat. They have been sold the bill of goods that the Democrats are the caring party. That they love these newcomers to our country and want to take care of them. The Democrats will see that they get food stamps and healthcare and welfare. They will be offered a virtual treasure trove of public services.

At least it will seem like a treasure trove, if you haven’t been exposed to the potential that America allows free citizens. The largesse that they are offered is aimed to keep them from roaming off the Democrat plantation, to use another politically incorrect phrase. The idea is, keep voting the Democrat and you keep getting the goodies. And, by the way, make sure you understand that those evil Republicans will take it all away, round you up, and ship you back across the border given the chance.

There is another reason that is not much talked about. This is the reason the Republicans will not fight all that hard against amnesty. The reason is social security and Medicare. Back in the good old days there were, probably, ten or more workers paying taxes for every recipient of these programs. By 2030 it will be down close to two. That is untenable. We simply need to, either, pare back entitlements, or get a surge in workers to support the programs.

As it is distasteful in the extreme for politicians to cut entitlement programs, considering it to be political suicide, they much prefer the surge in workers. Frankly, the people coming over the border from Mexico, for the most part, seem to be hard working family oriented people with a strong religious background. So from that point of view we could do worse. But somehow there needs to be a filter so that we know who is crossing our borders and why. They are not all good people. It is ludicrous that the countries that treat us with disdain, including Mexico, would not allow the same freedom at their own borders.

But it would appear to me that this process will be brought to, what seems to be, an inevitable conclusion. The major difficulty being that we presently do not have jobs enough for our existing population. We have an administration that seems to have no idea how to correct that situation. A President that periodically gives lip service to unemployment during a speech, promises not to rest until the problem is rectified, then heads for the golf course.

Our country is in a mess, friends. The mess is getting worse in spite of what you see when you look at the stock market reports. Our economy is floating on a financial bubble created by confused ideologues. It may burst, or we may get lucky, but we will eventually get past this. I am truly convinced of that. But we need adults in control with knowledge, training , and experience. Until then, hang on, the ride is going to get bumpier.

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