Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston - Revisited

Those of you that read my blog regularly know that I am a Red Sox fan and have a lifelong connection with Boston. Some of my oldest memories are of my Grandmother taking to Boston to ride the Swan Boats. As an adult, I worked there for a number of years. It is a great city with a great history. Monday morning I sent off an article that I had written for another venue. Coincidentally, it was about hatred. Then I settled in to watch the 11 am Patriot Day Sox game. The Boston Marathon goes right by Fenway Park. That is why the game is so early. Get the fans in before the marathon crowd shows up. It is a tradition and works well.

After the game I turned to the news to see pictures of the marathon and catch up with the rest of the world. At 2:50 pm insanity struck. Since then I have been watching and listening. I have been reading articles on the computer trying to make some sense where no sense can ever be made.

Terrorism is the stuff of cowards. Many, if not most, wrap themselves in the cloth of religion. Any religion that would encourage such vile and immoral behavior is a religion of the devil. Religion is love and support of your fellow man. Trying to improve the world for all to live in. Anything less is a mockery of religion and is base human behavior.

The courage of the people of Boston in the immediate aftermath was something that should make all Americans proud. People who had never been exposed to anything like this in their lives ran to the explosions, waded into the carnage, and helped those that were incapable of helping themselves. Bostonians are tough hard headed people that will not be pushed around. They will take care of themselves and their own. Having spent years among them, I know this to be true. Monday proved it to the world.

I have heard people on TV making a big deal that the FBI is asking for help, requesting that people send them their photos and videos. They seem to think that this means that the FBI is stymied. I seriously doubt the validity of that idea. Doesn't it just make sense with all of those people with visual records of that time and space, that the FBI would want to revue as much of this as they can? Guaranteed, the cowards that did this were photographed, probably, a number of times. Will this help? It may and most likely will. The more evidence, the better the case.

It will be long days yet before this is over. I saw piles of bags of evidence that all has to be sorted and examined. Unless there is an unexpected break, it will be months, if not years before this is finished. I have no doubt that it will be finished in a manner satisfactory to all.

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