Monday, April 29, 2013


There has always been turmoil in the world. Country A invades country B. Droughts, floods, hurricanes. But it seems lately that the United States is being hit with an increasing amount of turmoil to the point where barely a week goes by without some kind of major news story that attracts the full attention of the news for days on end.

On the other hand there are a bunch of news worthy stories that languish virtually unseen in most major news organizations. The abortion doctor trial was one such story. The liberal media ignored this gruesome story as if it were of no interest. People had to know the inhumanity that was being perpetrated in that so called clinic. Finally the story got so big that the media were forced to give it the attention that it deserved.

Even as far back as “Fast and Furious” the media was picking and choosing what they felt the country should hear and see. They are perfectly willing to print stories that support anti-gun legislation but are less willing to talk about the administration trafficking in arm even to those that hate us. I don’t think that most Americans agree with giving tanks and F-16s to Egypt at this point in history. How many times in recent years have American heavy weapons been used against American troops. They didn't come from gun shows. To continue, go to

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