Monday, April 8, 2013

The Man Who Would Be King

In my lifetime, (a considerable number of years) I have never heard a President of the United States use the words king or dictator in reference to himself. Not even in a negative way. Not even Richard Nixon. That is until now. The President seems to bemoan the fact that his power is limited. Mr. President, there is a reason for that. We free citizens do not trust politicians with too much power.

The problem here is that we seem to have a President that, when coming up against limits of his constitutional powers, ignores them or goes around them. He does not protect our borders. He welcomes illegals. He creates law by presidential action that should go through Congress. Now he is attempting to erode the strength of the second amendment. 

The language of the second amendment is quite clear. "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." There are no exceptions listed. I think that most reasonable people will accept some reasonable limits, like team fired weapons, tanks, RPGs, even fully automatic weapons. But beyond that, any weapon that can be carried and used by a single person should remain untouched by our politicians. Especially those that have a knee jerk solutions to every problem involving violence. Politicians like simple solutions that even they can understand. Those simple solutions seldom work as intended.

The problem surrounding firearms is not the guns themselves, but the people with sick ideas and insane agendas. If a madman can't attack his target with a gun, he'll use a Molotov cocktail, or home made explosives. Look at the rest of the world,especially the middle east, and see the destruction that has been caused and the lives that have been lost with no guns involved. Fire and explosives in crowded spaces wreak terrible havoc.

What it comes down to is that everyone from the left side of the aisle, except Democrat politicians from red states, has an agenda to eliminate legal fire arms. I just watched the President deny this in a speech with a backdrop of about fifty law officers in uniform. Now, we all know, that the President says a lot of things in a lot of speeches. He does not actually support many of the things that he says. That should be obvious to even the most casual observer. I believe, that if he could make it happen, the President would disarm honest Americans in a second.

When a person starts using words like king and dictator in reference to himself, they are trying them on for size. Like a pair of shoes. I believe that the Presidents considerable ego drives him to believe that he should have complete and ultimate power. The only question left is will he try to act on this?

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