Friday, April 26, 2013

The Zero Sum World Of The Liberal

The liberal brain just works different from real people. For one thing they tend to migrate to crowded dirty cities where real people are perfectly willing to let them live. For the most part, they seem to shun the center of the country, preferring the edges. I don't understand why, unless they feel the need for a quick escape, just in case the people in flyover country get unruly. They all seem to have great educations but few problem solving skills. Their most endearing quality is that they all agree.

About what, you ask. About almost everything, I answer. I mentioned the great education thing. Well if you get one of those fine educations, and start out with an empty mind seeking to be filled with knowledge, you will, very likely, come out with it filled with the homogenized gruel that passes for an education today. Finally, they all watch the same news on TV and read the same newspapers. The newspapers have different names but there is little difference in the big liberal broadsheets.

One thing that seems to have become ingrained in their mindset is that we live in a zero sum world. If I succeed, someone someplace must have failed. It had to be because both sides of life's ledger must balance.  The reason Bangladesh starves is because the United States lives well. If this country just weren't so darn rich and comfortable, Kim Jung Un and the Ayatollahs would like us a lot more and "the lion would lie down with the lamb. And a little child shall lead them".

There is a couple of things wrong with that theory. First, it is wrong. Second is that it is really really wrong. Success is a great thing. One of the best things about it is that it is contagious. I like to spend money. I'm a guy. I like stuff. If I have the loot to buy a lot of stuff, people that I do business with will also prosper. OK, so I'm only one person. Not much effect on the economy as a whole created there. But if a few big companies enjoy success the whole economy benefits. Not a loser in the bunch.

The difference between North Korea and South Korea is a perfect example. South Korea invests in success while North Korea seals it's borders and steals from it's people to support the political elite and the military. South Korea is booming with prosperity while North Korea falls deeper into the pit, ranting and screaming, as their failure deepens.

In spite of the efforts to bring the United State down to a level that will make us a more humble member of the international community, which I believe is a deeply founded wish of our President, it isn't going to happen. Americans won't allow it. Even the people that don't pay much attention are starting to catch on. The bombing in Boston was a huge wake up call. The new information that is coming out about Benghazi and being into our fifth year without jobs is beginning to prove the incompetence of our present administration. There will be more. There has to be more. Because the arrogance of our politicians knows no limit.

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