Monday, April 22, 2013

Adding Something New

I am adding something new to my blog. I also write a twice weekly column for Patriot Update under my own name, Robert Owen. On days that my column appears I am going post the first paragraph or two on my blog along with a link to the balance of my article.

Anyone wishing to look at my past columns can click on Columns at the top of the page, then Authors, then on my name. I hope you enjoy this additional material.

The Inevitable Has Happened

All of America spent last week in front of TV set rapt in the terrible story coming out of Boston. Never has a news story had this amount of power. Full time coverage live and second by second, from Monday morning when the Boston Marathon started until Friday night when we heard the victorious shout “we got him”, nothing was missed. The cameras got it all. If the professionals missed a shot there were a dozen smart phones that didn’t.

There were faults in the coverage, certainly. That is to be expected. “Experts” with a point of view were interviewed. They tried Their very best to sell that point of view. Most were wrong. Many tried to deny the obvious conclusion that was reached by the average citizen that it was terrorism brought about by jihad. Those pundits were, as they so often are, wrong. Real Americans got it. To continue go to

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