Monday, April 15, 2013

Jobs - Jobs - Jobs

A note to our somewhat disconnected President. It is not about gun control. It is not about immigration. It is not about raising taxes. It is not about Obamacare. I know you wish it were about all those things. But it is about jobs. Just in case no that is allowed in your tight little Presidential bubble has informed you, about one third of the American population that wants to work is either unemployed or radically under employed. Young people and minorities, the people you owe your job to, are at the highest percentage of those affected.

You have had over four year where you threw blame at everyone around and never understood that you, your focus, and your programs are stifling the economy. Businesses have pared down, and are sitting on a reservoir of cash. The only thing preventing the economy from burgeoning is you. The people that run successful businesses are smart. They see an unsure future under an erratic President not seen as having a plan. A speech is not a plan. Your tendency for saying one thing  in your endless lectures then doing something totally different does not imbue businessmen with confidence.

Perhaps even more stifling, is the penchant for agencies under your administration to pile on regulation after regulation. To be compliant to these regulations is time consuming and expensive. Many businesses that operate with small margins just die under the weight. You may not understand but government cannot do what free enterprise can. Open up the economy and get out of the way. It will make you a hero.

But then maybe you don't want to be a hero. I will admit to serious doubts as to your aims. As I recommend to others, I don't listen to your words. I watch what you do. I see you argue against "straw men" of your own creation as if it were a real debate. I see you publicly denigrate good people to your own ends. I see you turn your back on our strongest allies and bow to those that despise us.

No one can know what is truly in your mind. It is my nature to give anyone the benefit of  the doubt. But now I doubt how much longer I can give you that benefit.

On another subject; Those that have read my blog know that I am a long time Red Sox fan. I want to congratulate Clay Buchholz on a great game. I'm sorry that he didn't get his second no-hitter. But what a great game to watch.

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