Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Uncontrolled Gun Rules

Let me say, once again, I am tired of writing about President Obama, but his actions force me to do just that, in his ongoing imperial manner, he is taking "his pen and his phone" to control gun sales. He is, again, taking action that will not deliver the promised results. In fact, it will probably have the reverse effect.

Let's take the biggest reason first. There are two gun marketplaces in this country. There are the nice brightly lit stores, built like bank vaults, that have federal licenses and knowledgeable clerks that adhere to the law. This is where most law abiding citizens go to purchase a firearm.

Then there is the other marketplace. Sometimes it is out of the back door of a legal business with owners willing to cut corners for a higher profit. Sometimes it is out of the trunk of a car in a poorly lit parking lot behind a sleazy bar. It can be in someone's cellar where only certain people are admitted. Most of the guns sold in this venue are stolen or smuggled but always off the books.

Criminals, gang bangers, and those with other blemishes on their records don't go to the federally licensed stores, fill out all the paperwork, and take firearms safety courses. They go to the backroom dealers that take the extra profit and don't give a hoot for Mr. Obama's rules.

Mr.Obama wants to require every one that sells even one gun to get a federal license. So if I have a gun that I want to sell to my cousin or an old friend, I have to go through the long and expensive procedure of acquiring a license. There will be a lot of people ignoring that rule, I'm sure.

Then there is the most devious rule of all. If a doctor feels that a person has any sort of mental problem they are to notify the government so that any presently owned guns can be confiscated and their Second Amendment rights rescinded forever. So those aware of this will never go for grief counseling or for help with insomnia lest they face a government invasion.

While the level of threat to civilian firearms keeps increasing, the number of government employees that are armed and have police powers is also increasing. You have heard it before, "gun control is not about guns, it is about control". Another thought, these are rules Mr. Obama is creating not laws. Laws must be passed by Congress.


  1. I love reading your thoughts about gun laws. People and guns have very relationship nowadays and whatever president is ordering is affecting millions of Americans. Keep posting good article, Cranky.

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    1. I was born in MA and live in RI. So we live in the most firearms repressive area of the country. But somehow I managed to keep my hand in for over 65 years. Even in this area there is still a strong corps of citizens who love to shoot for sport. They haven't shut us down yet. But not for lack of trying.