Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The main thing that government is lacking today, is integrity. Mathew 7:16 say, "By their fruits you will recognize them". Far too many people in power today are willing to say the right words, but their deeds are far different and totally self serving. In a non-PC description, they are liars. 

We have seen this for the past seven years from our President, who promised much but delivered little. Almost every promise that he has made, both while campaigning and while in office, has been unfulfilled. In fact he has done the reverse. He was going to heal the world, control the climate, and provide inexpensive medical care. 

He was going to be a President for all Americans and have a totally transparent administration. He didn't want to take your guns. But suddenly he is writing executive orders to do just that. He tried to sell we, who knew better, that hundreds of thousands of un-vetted aliens coming into our country is a good thing. But what did they bring with them? They brought violence, diseases that have been eradicated for decades, and a lack of desire to integrate into American society.

And who are the Democrats touting as their next great candidate for President? Hillary Clinton. The same Hillary Clinton that, as part of the Hill Bill duo, sold overnight stays in the Lincoln bed room for campaign contributions. The same Hillary who tried to destroy the women that her husband took as playmates. The same Hillary that sold speeches for money and privilege, when she was Secretary of State. The same Hillary who endangered our countries security by her cavalier attitude about putting classified e-mail on an unsecured server.

That is a crime for which the FBI will, almost certainly, recommend charges be brought. At that point the administration will face another, and most important, test of their integrity. Will Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, bring charges, or will she too "stand down". Whether on her own, or by instruction from the President, that would be a gross miscarriage of justice for political reasons. 

But that genie is out of the bottle. There is much information out there, and more will flow. The public, even the least informed, will be inundated with the evil tale. Integrity counts. And I see none in this sad story.

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