Saturday, January 16, 2016


I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. But I believe that I have acquired a bit of common sense over the years. So, I am tired of politicians trying to stretch words and definitions to fit their devious schemes. I am referring to the made up controversy over whether Ted Cruz is able to hold the office of President because he was born on Canadian soil of an American mother.

Being born of an American mother, he was a citizen of the United States from birth. But, like many Americans born on foreign soil, he had a dual citizenship. That, in no way, dilutes his American citizenship. A single American parent makes one a citizen regardless of location.

It is obvious to anyone with a lick of good sense and not having a desire to create problems, the the phrase "natural born citizen" means to exclude naturalized citizens. Since Ted Cruz did not need to be naturalized, he is a natural born citizen. See how easy that was?

Natural American citizens give away none of their rights, regardless of location of birth. To argue otherwise is specious and asinine. 

We are surrounded by problems that need to be solved and issues that need public debate. We would all be far better off if our candidates could stick to the important stuff. We are not going to make this country great again by tearing down other candidates. It will be made great again by great ideas and great policies.

So let's stick to the important stuff and not act like a fourteen year old running for middle school class president.

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