Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I watched President Obama's final State of the Union speech last night. I wanted to comment on it today in my blog. He gave me little to comment on. It was mostly Mr. Obama looking at a "Magic Mirror", ala Snow White, through a rose colored tele-prompter. 

To give credit where little is due, he gives a great speech and you almost believe he is sincere. Maybe he is. Maybe he does believe that the world is just as he imagines it. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to deal with reality. 

I am still trying to figure out if he was making a sick joke when he put Joe Biden in charge of Mission Control to cure cancer. Really? With one year left? This made no sense at all. If he had started this seven years ago, yes. More pure symbolism.

As for his bragging about the military, just ask someone who is career military. Or, I guess you could ask the Iranian military that captured two of our naval vessels just hours before Mr. Obama spoke. That was never mentioned.

And we were assured that we are creating peace in Syria and ISIS, ISIL to Mr. Obama, is no existential threat. They may not threaten our existence as a nation, but they can sure hurt a lot of people and cause a lot of damage otherwise. 

Another high point was when the President commiserated with himself about the lack of collegiality between the two parties during his tenure. Of course, he blamed the Republicans. But we all remember when first elected he announced loudly. "I won. You lost. I'm in charge." We also remember during Obamacare negotiations, the Democrats went behind closed and guarded doors, keeping all others out.

Rumor has it that Mr. Obama has purchased, or had purchased for him, a seaside mansion in Dubai. When his term ends he can go there and live out his fantasy life listening to the Muezzin's call that he loves so much. Maybe they will supply him with seventy-five houris. Then he can finally pretend he is living in paradise. But last night was all balderdash.

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