Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Troll

This troll does not live under a bridge. In fact he lives the life of the super rich. But he does this at the expense of most of his fellow countrymen.  I speak of that short fat little boy-man with the bad haircut, the bad tailor, and the bad attitude. I am referring to Kim Jong Un, the despot of North Korea.

While his subjects eat grass and bark soup, he dines on the finest cuisine, drinks the most expensive brandies, rides around in Mercedes limos, and has a constant stream of young girls to feed his personal depravity.

Now Kim the younger demands attention. International attention. He sees himself as a major player on the international scene. In reality he is just a funny looking little man strutting and posturing on the world stage to an audience of practically no one.

So when his ego gets inflamed by being ignored, he feels compelled to do something to annoy his betters. Sometimes he will have his much overblown military, lob a few shells at some South Korean island. On occasion he will have missiles shot across the Sea of Japan.
A while back, he had a nuclear test and claimed it was a hydrogen bomb. It wasn't.

One of lil' Kim's favorite things is grabbing someone, preferably an American, from a tour and accuse that person of spying. Everyone knows that these charges are trumped up, but the little doofus has the power. Ultimately, the person will be repatriated and Kim will get something along with some headlines.

Kim knows one thing that I learned back in junior high school. People don't rebel against a totalitarian government unless they have hope. He has kept his civilian population without hope for years. 

The only hope for North Korea is a military coup. They have a huge military that could, with forward thinking leadership, oust and destroy the Kim legend forever. If North Korea is ever to become part of the civilized world, world shaking changes must occur.

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