Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If You're A Hammer

As the old saying goes, "If you are a hammer, everything is a nail". And how true that is in this ridiculous age of political correctness. If one doesn't see things, or express themselves in the exact same way as the "in" crowd, they are castigated, hammered, lied about, and have their private lives shredded.

The Oscars are too white, says the know nothing movie maker Spike Lee. Agreed, screams someone named Jada Smith. You betcha shouts tubby Michael Moore. So the Oscars are no longer about quality of product or success at the box office. It is now about equality of outcome based on racial statistics. The PC know-nothings have deemed it so.

True confession, I watch Fox News. One of their main attractions is Geraldo Rivera. A man once famous for finding nothing in Al Capones safe. Everything to Geraldo is about race. We have a twice elected black President, but if you disagree with his policies, you are a racist. Want to stop illegal immigration? Racist. Feel the administration doesn't take the danger of radical Islam seriously enough? Racist and Islamaphobe.

In the House of Representatives, Elijah Cummings and John Lewis are always there to wield the cudgel of racism. Should a sharp question be asked in a hearing or a Democrat policy come up against naysayers, these two are always ready to lead the charge and belittle the intelligence, character, and morals of any in opposition.

Is it any wonder that race relations in this country continue to get worse. The Democrats have always claimed to be the great supporters of minorities. They really aren't. They just claim to be. But most in the minority community believe them. So when they see and hear their leaders blaming all of the country's ills on racism, they believe. This stokes the anger and exacerbates the problem.

We are a hurting country right now. We have to turn things around. Constantly waving the bloody shirt for political advantage is bad tactics. For any party. We have gotten ourselves too close to the edge.

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  1. The most racist group of people in the USA today classify themselves as black. When the Chinese New Year celebrates The Year of The Monkey on a calendar that has existed around 4000 years, and that caused outrage in the African American culture, my eyes glaze over. The outrage over tangential, irrelevant and trivial "slights" has the effect of numbing the general population to "real" discrimination. Cry wolf often enough and we will no longer turn around and look. -Linda