Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Emir

America no longer has a President. We now have an Emir. A despot. Why an Emir rather than a king or a tsar? That is because he seems to have more concern for the Muslims of the world than American citizens. Even to the point of waxing poetic about the Muezzin's call to prayer as the most beautiful of sounds.

Why a despot of any stripe? Because he rules against the wishes of the American people. He has usurped the power of the Congress and they have allowed him to do it. Perhaps, even supported his power grab. 

He has then taken that power and put it in the hands of government agencies that wield it like a club stealing our freedoms and depriving us of control of our own possessions. A perfect example of this is the EPA taking control of virtually every drop of water in the country, including the water that runs down your driveway when you wash your car.

Almost every government agency now has armed agents with police powers including SWAT teams. Obama said that he wanted a domestic national police force. Now he has one. One quick Presidential order and all of these agents come together under the Department of Homeland Security. That makes me feel very insecure.

The poor and middle class are suffering economically. They claim that the jobless rate is down. That is only because the Participation Rate is worse. More and more people have given up trying to find work. Income levels continue to fall. The country is encumbered by massive debt. But our President continues to vacation with a "let them eat cake attitude".

We, as a nation, rebelled against George III. Now our President wants to take our guns so we won't do the same to Obama I or his ilk that may follow. Obviously Mr. Obama neither understands history or the American people. 

We as a country believe in "live and let live". Politicians forget, when they get power, that we have limits as to what we will accept. Our current crop of power grabbers are stretching that envelope to the breaking point. Emirs do not flourish in America.

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