Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fraying At The Edges

Did you ever have a piece of clothing that you absolutely loved. Maybe you've owned it a while and worn it a lot. It fit just right. And it was worn soft and comfortable. Maybe you even wear it for luck when you're watching your favorite team on TV.

Then one day you take it out of the dryer and you spot a couple of loose threads. After that, every time you wash it, it frays a little more. Finally that fateful day arrives when you are forced to decide that now it is only suitable for polishing the coffee table.

I think that we are seeing the start of a similar process happening to someone that I guess has earned it. Our President is, all of a sudden, finding things coming loose in his administration. I must say he deserves the discombobulation in which he finds himself. Since he started his first campaign, looking at everything he said and everything he promised, he has not made the grade. As a matter of fact most everything ended up the exact opposite.

"If I don't bring back jobs in my first term, I don't deserve a second." He said that in 2008. There are fewer people in the workforce than their were when he took office. He promised to reach out to other world leaders and strengthen our position and bring peace. Now our enemies hate us more than ever and no longer fear us. Our friends feel that we can't be trusted. Russia and China walk all over us.

The value of the dollar is down while the national debt is up. Salaries are down for the middle class and they are being hit with a greater tax burden. Now they find that the minimum cost for Obamacare is twenty thousand dollars per family. What, you thought it was going to be free?While our country's economics are in a mess, the President is focusing on immigration, firearms, and climate change. Always being the social engineer gay marriage and getting women into combat positions in the military have been of prime importance. Hey, they can make a movie. "Going to War With Lady SEALs." Catchy title, huh?

And to implement these poorly thought out programs, there is a constant search for political hacks to head up departments and secretariats instead of people with experience and knowledge. Chuck Hagel to replace Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense. C'mon man.

How about that GDP? Back into negative territory. Another month of that and we are officially back into a recession. Now I know that you have been told that the recession was over and we were in recovery. Well, not exactly. We were just bumping along the bottom. The GDP never rose into sustainable territory. While the administration claimed that the unemployment rate improved, it never really did. The percentage of employable people that were employed never increased.

So you have been treated to the smoke and the mirrors. Now the magicians costume is fraying. It is fraying very rapidly. And I think I may have heard the sound of mirrors cracking.  Sometime soon the press may even notice  

Rest in Peace Chris Kyle. Thank you for your service. A life far to short for a hero.

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