Friday, February 15, 2013

The Lost Generation

Someone recently referred to the Obama years as the lost decade. My feeling is that the Obama years will turn out to be the lost generation. In saying that, I am assuming that we are done with him in 2016. To be honest, I am not convinced that we will be. I can envision two scenarios where he will be around beyond that hoped for time. One involves Michelle running for President. The second is oh so much worse, but not beyond possibility. I will leave that scenario to your imagination. I do not want to be responsible for frightening children.

These last four year have been the most destructive to America and the American way of life, in my lifetime. Even worse than the Carter years. For the first time we have a President that rules rather than governs. Although he is educated in the Constitution he sees it as an obstruction. He, with the full support of his political party, takes to himself extra-constitutional power whenever Congress doesn't bow to his wishes. He does this even to the point of naming American citizens on foreign soil and ordering their assassination by unmanned drones. 

He has ordered that American citizens must purchase a product even if they do not wish to. By doing this he is tying up and taking control of one sixth of the economy and damaging the health care system that has been one of the best in the world. He is turning health care into a Gordian Knot that may take more than a generation to set right.

Obama has appointed dozens of Czars that run parts of our country with dictatorial power, no oversight and no transparency. The only people welcome in his government are fellow ideologues or those that are completely compliant. He is even allowing John Brennan to run a private war in Africa without reading in State, the CIA, or the military. The blow up in Benghazi is reportedly one result of those efforts.

But far and away, the worst damage being done is economically. As I write this, the country is over sixteen and a half trillion dollars in debt. By 2016 we will be over twenty trillion down. That is a twenty with twelve zeros after it. Business is stagnant. More and more people are out of work. Don't believe the unemployment figures. The way they are calculated those that stop looking for work out of frustration no longer exist. Middle class salaries are sinking. Prices are rising. The GDP is back in negative numbers. There are two more economic bubbles expanding out there that will burst someday. One is the education bubble. The other is the Bernanke bubble. That will be the bad one.

And all through this the man who wouldn't rest until he had solved the country's problems has taken seventeen vacations.

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